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since 2/1/2011

Lucas Ayers: Owner/President

Lucas AyersLucas originally from South Jersey started collecting at a very early age and was a die-hard sports fan before he could remember. While in the U.S. Navy a company called Tidewater Sports hired Lucas part-time to help with autograph signings.  After working with the company for a little over 2 years, Lucas became very good friends with former NFL wide receiver Irving Fryar who motivated Lucas to start his own business by booking players.  Lucas created The Philadelphia Connection (TPC) in 2008 and started booking for Tidewater Sports and other sports companies on the East Coast.  TPC's first ever public signing was baseball Hall of Famer Bob Feller followed by their first ever private signing with the great Mickey Vernon.  After almost 12 years in the U.S. Navy, Lucas separated from the military and has worked as a federal employee for NCIS, SSO Navy and most recently he accepted a promotion with the USMC.  While his government career has taken off, so has TPC. From 2008 to present, TPC has booked hundreds of public and private signings, numerous charity events and has even booked athletes and actors for comic conventions, commercials and radio appearances.  Today, there are over 225 athletes and celebrities that Lucas and the TPC staff can book for events and signings.  TPC also represents many athletes and actors EXCLUSIVELY, adding them to our TPC family.  Lucas is married to his lovely wife Kimberly and has a beautiful daughter named Hayden and a son named Joey.


Kimberly Ayers: Vice President

Kim Ayers Kimberly joined the TPC family in 2012.  Kim, who is orginally from the Boston area, is a big fan of the Bruins and is a loyal fan of the Red Sox and Patriots as well. She is the lead designer for the TPC website, graphics, logo, flyers and any additional printed materials. In her spare time she loves to watch reality tv, craft, paint, spend time with her family, and sing karaoke.



Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall Ryan joined the TPC team in 2015.  Before joining the TPC team, he assisted and managed many other autograph companies' backroom signings since 2013.  He is a diehard fan of University of Tennessee football and UNC basketball and also pulls for the Indianapolis Colts.  When Ryan isn't collecting, he works for the local school system and coaches high school football.  He is married to his wife Claire, a former University of Tennessee athlete and alumnus, and has a son named Charlie.

Tyrone 'TJ' Haynes

TJ Haynes TJ started working with the company as a intern and then developed into a full time employee after its culmination. He currently goes to school at George Mason University and is seeking his Bachelors degree in Sports Management. TJ is a big fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Florida State Seminoles, and Tampa Bay Rays. When he’s not working with the company, he’s probably doing school work, playing video games, or working at his convenience store on campus.

Shaun Harper

Shaun Harper Shaun joined the TPC team in 2019. Shaun has taken on a major role with the company, working public/private signings, mail order and you can even see him on our live auctions and TPC Live interviews. Shaun is a diehard fan of the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Capitals and Ohio State University football. When Shaun isn’t assisting with TPC, he is a jack of all trades, working as a certified plumber for one of the top plumbing companies in his area and works with C and K processing.

Hayden Ayers

Hayden AyersHayden Ayers started assisting with TPC in 2019. She has assisted in many of the private and public signings TPC has conducted. She loves to read and watch horror movies. Her major passion is volleyball and she continues to play for one of the top volleyball travel teams in the state of Virginia.

Jason Pham

Jason PhamJason joined the TPC family in 2021. Before joining, he has worked in memorabilia and marketing industries in varying degrees over the years. He has worked primarily in finance and accounting in the Washington DC area since 2005. Being originally from Massachusetts, Jason is a die hard fan of all the Boston sports teams specifically the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Bruins. In his spare time he loves spending time with his lovely wife, Janelle, and their two awesome kids, Sadie and Theodore. He enjoys collecting vinyl records and always looking for the best donut shops no matter where he’s at.

Rob Arroyos


John Simpson

John SimpsonJohn is the newest member joining in 2021. He was born and raised in Virginia and is a true Washington Football Team fan. John has a bachelor's degree in business and an associate's degree in electrical engineering. John has recently retired from the Air National Guard after 20 years of service. He is married with two daughters. 

Chris Bailey

Chris BaileyChris joined the TPC team in 2019. His love for sports has been a huge asset to us. Chris is a avid collector of sports memorabilia and autographs. Chris is a diehard Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons fan. Chris is also a local High School sport referee for baseball and football. Chris has been a business owner of a Peppridge Farm route for 7 years. He also is the President of non-profit organization which he helped form in memory of his father-in-law Randy. He is married to his wife Katie and has two kids Turner and Gracie. 

Matt Chezem

Matt ChezemMatt joined the TPC family in 2021.  Originally from San Diego, CA, Matt grew up an avid sports fan mainly rooting for the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Florida Gators and Manchester United.  Matt is currently a full-time federal contractor working for the US Navy. 

When not watching sports or working, he enjoys spending time with his son, Matt Jr. working on his son's football and basketball skills.